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Paula Broman has extensively studied women's health issues for several years. She feels the direction of this specialty is important for women and successful outcomes are offered through her latest physical therapy techniques. Paula is frequently requested to speak to women's groups offering the most recent successful treatment approaches for chronic pelvic pain and incontinence.  She may be contacted at (281) 980-2997, or by e-mail using the "contact us" button.



Childbirth is both exciting and stressful. Chronic pelvic pain may result from childbirth, trauma, previous pelvic surgery, hormonal or muscle strength imbalance, and repetitive stress or straining issues. Treatment to reduce pain and restore and accentuate full function of the pelvic girdle is available through physical therapy. Paula's treatment options include biofeedback, neuromuscular re-education to avoid inappropriate use of muscles, joint and soft tissue mobilization, and strengthening in functional activities.



Involuntary loss of urine, a hygiene and social problem effecting 4 out of 10 females, is not an inevitable result of aging. Coughing, sneezing, walking, low impact aerobics and even simple position changes are often associated with incontinence. Paula's intervention includes biofeedback, electrical muscle stimulation, and training activities that require function of pelvic floor muscles which often provides a successful treatment option.

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