Sports Therapy Center

Golf Program


  • Is your game just not getting better?
  • Do you have great equipment, but still have back pain?
  • Are you good for the first nine, but erratic the second nine?
  • Are you out driven by thirty yards off the box?


To consistently play better golf, it is important that you be physically able to correctly swing the golf club time after time. Flexibility, strength, balance, posture and conditioning limitations influence your swing thus leading to inconsistent play.

Receiving golf instruction from your golf professional and utilizing properly fitted equipment can improve your game. However, to maximize the lessons and equipment, YOUR BODY must swing the club correctly every time. This is the object of LOWSCORE.


LOWSCORE assesses and teaches posture, balance, flexibility, strength, control and endurance. LOWSCORE training is created to achieve the most efficient golf swing and to reduce injury.

To learn more, contact Barry Broman at (281) 980-2997 OR Contact Us with any questions. Leave us your e-mail address for future LOWSCORE seminar announcements.

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